Forward Folding

Artist Statement

Folds in pleated cloth have inherent tension, potential energy. In these handwoven pieces, I make use of this tension -- selectively maintaining or releasing it -- in order to distort and shape the cloth.  By varying the direction of the "gathering" threads, but cutting and reassembling the cloth, and by stitching across pleats, I create curved lines, texture, and movement.

As I have worked on these pieces, I have begun to think of them as metaphors for the human body. Like the human body, my pieces hold the memory of actions performed on them.  When the body folds forward and compresses, energy collects; when that tension is released, the body opens and finds equilibrium.

In the playful making process, I am delighted by detours along the way as they can lead to interesting and surprising results.  Sometimes a piece begins to take on a mind of its own, tugging me away from my original intention and luring me down a different path.  Working experimentally and inuitively, I develop a dialogue with my materials and an understanding of what works and what doesn't. This dialogue is like magic to me, and is what keeps me returning to the studio day after day.

FoldIng Forward Evite.jpg